Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A new list of names, email addresses, and phone numbers...

"Kimbell Uemura" - Reubensh34@hotmail.com
"Lenarz Hofstetter" - Drewz96@hotmail.com
"Koziol Rackley" - Brennamanuac682@hotmail.com
"Storms Caporale" - Willimasg8@hotmail.com
"Melanie Morgan Amos" - darrenamos69@gmail.com
"Austin Miller" - milleraustin333@gmail.com
"Mary Lydia" - mary.lydia23@gmail.com
"Svrcek Whittall" - Morquechoo98@hotmail.com


(770) 810-5029
(347) 974-3150

Today's example of an email I received:
My sister have interest in this ad. Please can you  text her directly on her phone number (770) 810-5029 with name of the ITEM & YOUR FINAL PRICE, so that she can get back to you. if still up for sale. Her name is Mrs  dan Kathleen jessica and she is hearing impaired, so you can only text hER

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Opinions on new Craigslist email relay?

Any readers have a strong opinion on Craigslist's new email relay system?

It may just be my imagination, but it seems the number of scam emails I receive on a daily basis have gone down.  Of course, these con artists are finding ways around the new system, so here's some info I've collected from those who are scheming and scamming by sending their direct email addresses or phone numbers in the initial email inquiry:


(770) 810-5029
(347) 559-6916
(540) 692-9159
(601) 879-4652
(864) 660-9302

If they do not send an email address or phone number, they will ask for your's. You'll notice that the new preferred method of these scammers is to ask directly for your contact information to get around the email relay system to avoid detection by Craigslist.  Here's an example:


Do you still have this?please let me know as soon as possible? I have a speech disability so you can best reach me via email, always with my computer :)

PS:Shoot me an email back soon.with your email address and  cell #


Avoid being scammed by corresponding through email with potential buyers for a bit until you get a better sense of the person. Scammers are quick to respond with their sob story about being out of the country and needing to send it to LaLa Land, so this should help to weed them out. Until next time, Happy Craigslisting! :)