Thursday, March 7, 2013

Scammers still finding ways to scam around new changes

With the new changes Craigslist has implemented, the scammers have found workarounds to avoid being detected. One of their new methods is to request your personal email address, instead of corresponding through the original Craigslist email.

Real examples:

I received an email from saragabb: to make this deal fast send me your personal email address so as to chat better.

Here's another one I received: Please I have interest in your item but craiglist does not delivered back to my email directly, please could you send me your email that i can reach you so that i will contact you now for further inquiry

And another: Excessive number of bots and I am aggravated. Confirm u're for real by answering back to my confidential e-mail address to make a deal it is 

They keep coming: I saw your item  posted on craigslist. I am very interested,also i have some Question to ask about it Please let me know soon. PLS KINDLY GET BACK TO ME WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS

It doesn't stop: If u're not a fake write to me to my email address so I can trust you. It's 

Seriously(!!): I am interested in this. Kindly get back to me with your email address so we can strike a deal.

And again: Your email came as anonymous please reply with your email so that we can start correspondence from there thanks 

Please continue to help the Craigslist community by flagging these types of emails as scam.  You can do so by clicking the last link at the bottom of the email that says Please flag unwanted messages (spam, scam, other)

In the mean time, here are a list of known scammers:

"Michelle Sanchez" - 864-660-9302
"Lash Mach" -
"Rachel Mayek" -
"Hollon Auyong" -

"Daniel mark" -
"Denzel Toms" -
"Barclay Bedenbaugh" -
"henry cooper" -
"jason ashton" -
"Jerry Smith" -