Tuesday, December 4, 2012

You're a sly one, David Dein

"David Dein" emails me from tossit66@gmail.com with the following: What is ur finla price? Or txt me to my # (413) 655-1646

Well, I was skeptical, but I responded anyway. I told him: "My final price is in the ad. Please look at it."

He responds with: Tell me or lemme have ur number for me to call u

Well, at this point, I'm thinking, "Hm. Maybe he's legit."  His use of English is typical lazy, teenage slang so I thought maybe he's just a young buyer.  I respond with my number.

He emails back: text sent...

I receive a text from a different number than the one he gave in the initial email. He uses 678-561-6637. His message reads: "this is tossit regarding your phone"

I respond "Who?" And then I figure it out. He says: "how are u doing? and tell me how much u gonna sell the phone for me"

The last line throws up a red flag, but I respond with the price anyway.

Then he responds with: "ok no problem i will be paying you with my PayPal account because it's attached to my bank account and its safe and very secure way to make payment. if my mode of payment is accepted just send me your paypal email address so i can pay in right away. Make sure you get back to me so that i can make the payment."

I don't respond to that one.

He sends one last text: "are u there?"

So, I got fooled by this one.  I had to get all the way to the PayPal request for me to fully figure he was a scammer, but it just goes to show that deception can fool even the best of us!


  1. Here is what just happen to us:

    +16018794652: I am interested in this Nokia Lumia 920 White - $350
    12:40 PM
    Me: Hello there! If you are still interested, please let us know and we can meet at the mall! Thank you!
    12:10 PM
    +16018794652: Okay I will pay you $450 including the shipping fee so get back to me with your Pay Pal email address so as to make payment and if you don't have a Pay Pal account you can set up one at www.paypal.com and get back to me as soon as possible
    12:11 PM
    Me: I have a paypal account, do you have a verified account? I ask because there's a lot of scams!
    12:16 PM
    +16018794652: Yeah I do send me your PayPal email address so I can make the payment
    12:19 PM
    Me: extreme321a@live.com
    12:22 PM
    Me: Where is this shipping to?
    12:22 PM
    +16018794652: Okay I got that I will be making the payment to your email right away so once I am done with the payment I will get back to you so you will log on to your email address and check your inbox for a confirmation mail from Pay Pal that will confirm to you that I made the payment is that okay by you?
    12:22 PM
    Me: Where is this shipping to?
    12:26 PM
    +16018794652: I am from Flora, MS but I want this shipped to my son schooling in Nigeria as a birthday gift so keep checking your email I am about to make payment now
    12:26 PM
    Me: OK - how much is shipping?
    12:29 PM
    +16018794652: It about $60 through USPS EXPRESS MAIL INTERNATIONAL
    12:30 PM
    Me: OK - let me know when you deposit the money into paypal.
    12:32 PM
    +16018794652: Okay what your full name?
    12:32 PM
    Me: You only need the email address to pay with paypal.
    12:33 PM
    +16018794652: Yes just want to know who I am sending my money to
    12:34 PM
    Me: Sarita Sanchez email extreme321a@live.com 12:36 PM
    +16018794652: Okay I am on the payment now keep checking your email for the mail from PayPal okay?
    12:37 PM
    Me: sure ok thank you
    12:38 PM
    +16018794652: Hello I have just sent you the payment which I believe you must have gotten the confirmation mail from Pay Pal by now so log on to your email (extreme321a@live.com) so that you can read the confirmation mail from Pay Pal so get back to me ASAP once you have gotten it okay? So here is the shipping address: Name: Jacobs Williams Jnr. Address: Block 72 Flat 4 Jakande Estate Oke Afa City: Isolo State: Lagos Country: Nigeria Postal Code: 23401 So I want you to go out and ship out the item through USPS EXPRESS MAIL INTERNATIONAL okay?
    12:44 PM
    Me: Perhaps you should find Jesus Christ and ask for Him to save you from going to hell for scamming innocent people! Ask for forgiveness!!!! I knew from the moment you replied, you were a scammer! I wanted to see how far you would dialogue with me! REAL PAYPAL EMAIL: service@paypal.com FAKE EMAIL: paymentverified@gmx.com You have been exposed! Good luck! And I hope you stop stealing! God doesn't like that! God Bless & Good Bye
    12:59 PM

    He/SHE never replied back lol - what a soul-less person!