Friday, November 30, 2012

Good day

Does anyone still use that greeting anymore?  "Good day."  It's one of those phrases that raises a flag that tells me you're not a native and more than likely a scammer.

This morning, I received an email from "Thomy Neito" -

Hi, Good Day , I want to buy it now please  text me on  (707) 985-8814  and let me know is you okay , i want it now  now

I called the number, and it was a Google Voice one.  Hung up without leaving a voicemail.

A few minutes later, I get a text message: hello who ?

I reply: You emailed me about the phone

I give me a call again at that number because talking is always so much easier than texting.  Of course, as expected, no one picks up.

He sends another text: Thank you, for your swift reply .. i will send you 580 to include plus the shipping fees for it, to my Nephew outta states okay ? please let me know so i can negotiate now with you

I send back some expletives and we cease communication.

You'd think that with all the money these guys are defrauding out of people, they'd be able to pay for some English lessons to sound like a native.  The unnecessary capitalization, random punctuation, incomplete sentences are a dead giveaway.

I'll end with today's tip: If there's a number, use it.  Any legitimate buyer will have no problem talking on the phone with you.


  1. I got this today:

    Hi, Good Day do you still have the item advertised on CL ? , I want to buy it now please text me on (707) 985-8814 and let me know is you okay , i want it now now

    so did a quick google on the number and found your post. you just saved me some time and trouble, thanks!

  2. yup, got the same email in response to a for sale ad i put up less than an hour ago. thanks for the heads up

  3. I got the same thing tomorrow im turning him into the police good thing I did some research

  4. This same person replied to an ad I listed on CL for a ring. He wanted to send me money to my paypal for the ring plus shipping. I honestly don't know how anyone could possibly fall for this type of scam anymore. He wanted me to mail it to his Pastor in NY. Riiiiight... So I replied that I live in NY and I would hand deliver it for cash. He is no longer interested in purchasing my ring. :-)

  5. I got this from Thomy Neito today about an item on craigslist. A red flag is just as was mentioned above...the words he uses. #2 red flag.. be aware.. the body of the email is empty and within the signature of the email greyed out is the message which is a default message he sends to scam anyone. you actually have to open the whole email to read the signature which is where the question is if he can buy the item on craigslist..what a scam.