Sunday, December 23, 2012

Seasons Greetings!

Christmas is almost here, so I've been busy and unable to update this blog. My apologies! I wanted to make sure that I got a few posts in before Christmas. As you start to sell your things on Craigslist because they have been replaced by new gifts, you can expect to encounter plenty of scammers.

Here are some emails that are known to be fraudulent:

"Du-Marie Mavarine" -
"Du-Marie Mavarine" -
"Du-Marie Mavarine" -
"Eadberto Sanchez" -
"josh bent" - - 646-543-3518
"Charles Hall" -
"Toypez" -
"Toypez" -
"steven hart" - - 860-660-9530
"kehinde david" -
"ajayi racheal" -
"Karen Foley" -
"terry Collas" -
"Alfie Ethan" - - 402-468-8863
"Patrick Frank" -
"Patrick Frank" -
"Elizabeth Richard" -
"Jessica Twyford" -
"sarah gabler" -
"Geeding Elie" -
"Alamo Gloeckner" -
"Jack marcus" -
"Brown Michael" -
"Tom Briggs" -
"Richard" -
"Janet" -

That's it for now. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

You're a sly one, David Dein

"David Dein" emails me from with the following: What is ur finla price? Or txt me to my # (413) 655-1646

Well, I was skeptical, but I responded anyway. I told him: "My final price is in the ad. Please look at it."

He responds with: Tell me or lemme have ur number for me to call u

Well, at this point, I'm thinking, "Hm. Maybe he's legit."  His use of English is typical lazy, teenage slang so I thought maybe he's just a young buyer.  I respond with my number.

He emails back: text sent...

I receive a text from a different number than the one he gave in the initial email. He uses 678-561-6637. His message reads: "this is tossit regarding your phone"

I respond "Who?" And then I figure it out. He says: "how are u doing? and tell me how much u gonna sell the phone for me"

The last line throws up a red flag, but I respond with the price anyway.

Then he responds with: "ok no problem i will be paying you with my PayPal account because it's attached to my bank account and its safe and very secure way to make payment. if my mode of payment is accepted just send me your paypal email address so i can pay in right away. Make sure you get back to me so that i can make the payment."

I don't respond to that one.

He sends one last text: "are u there?"

So, I got fooled by this one.  I had to get all the way to the PayPal request for me to fully figure he was a scammer, but it just goes to show that deception can fool even the best of us!

Monday, December 3, 2012

More scams

"John Smith" -
"Mark Zack" -
"markjarkle" -
"markjarklee" -
"roy miller" -
"Du-Marie Mavarine" -
"Du-Marie Mavarine" -
"Giamonna Rachal" -
"Katheryn Breckel" -
"Eleanor Fransen" -
"Corazza Gortman" -
"Stow Henigan" -
"olivia ashley" -
"Bobby Alex" -
James -

So lately, I've been getting emails with a bunch of gibberish that makes no sense.  I don't believe these are the same types of scams that are asking you to ship your item overseas, but rather these are scams trying to get emails to send you more junkmail. I believe they're trying to illicit a response like, "What are you talking about?" and in doing so, they'll get your email address.  If it absolutely makes no sense, don't bother responding and just mark it as spam.

Here are some examples of what I've received:

CRX hood body kit mirrors headlightstail lights Parts '' jqtj

white wicker night stand yw

Iphone GB Perfect condition dirph

Garage Sale Prices irohr

Ceiling Fan Blades vstz

Friday, November 30, 2012

Good day

Does anyone still use that greeting anymore?  "Good day."  It's one of those phrases that raises a flag that tells me you're not a native and more than likely a scammer.

This morning, I received an email from "Thomy Neito" -

Hi, Good Day , I want to buy it now please  text me on  (707) 985-8814  and let me know is you okay , i want it now  now

I called the number, and it was a Google Voice one.  Hung up without leaving a voicemail.

A few minutes later, I get a text message: hello who ?

I reply: You emailed me about the phone

I give me a call again at that number because talking is always so much easier than texting.  Of course, as expected, no one picks up.

He sends another text: Thank you, for your swift reply .. i will send you 580 to include plus the shipping fees for it, to my Nephew outta states okay ? please let me know so i can negotiate now with you

I send back some expletives and we cease communication.

You'd think that with all the money these guys are defrauding out of people, they'd be able to pay for some English lessons to sound like a native.  The unnecessary capitalization, random punctuation, incomplete sentences are a dead giveaway.

I'll end with today's tip: If there's a number, use it.  Any legitimate buyer will have no problem talking on the phone with you.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tis the season to shop

If you're in the mood to shop, chances are, scammers are too.

Here are some new swindlers that contacted me over the Thanksgiving break:

"Becky White" -
"Bryan Taylor" -
"patrick frank" -
"Patrick Frank" -
"mackenzie tuener" -
"olivia ashley" -
"Michael Smith" -
"summexyes" -
"sunmex yes" -
"john mayes" -
"whitfield gray" -
"Jay J" -
"slave chom" -
"sarah james" -
"Christina Brown" -
"Christopher Niles" -
"mary loner" -
"Jeremy Carter" -
"Connie Fiscella" -
"wank george" -
"Estrellita Ramirez" -

Today's tip: When you go to respond to the initial email, it may automatically reply to a different email address.  This is a great indication that the individual is a scammer.  It doesn't make much sense for a potential buyer to email you from and then have you respond to  Look for inconsistencies like this to help you from getting de-frauded out of your money or item.

Interesting article

The idea is that some Nigerian scammers use bad English and a dumb premise, not because they're actually clueless, but because they want only the biggest suckers to respond, allowing them to dedicate their time and efforts to people who might actually pay up.

Compliments of Talonis on reddit.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

These bastards even have phone numbers now!

So yesterday, I received a typical scam email from  "steven hart" -


    Is this still for sale

(864) 660-9530

(Of course it's still for sale. If it wasn't, why would the ad still be up?)

I noticed the phone number found in the signature.  A phone number!  The scammers are now including phone numbers to seem more legitimate.

Of course I called it.  As expected, no one picks up.  I leave a voicemail.  It becomes clear that this is a Google Voice number.  It's easy to see why scammers would utilize Google Voice because it offers phone numbers that can be managed completely online (e.g., telephone calls, text messages, voicemails, etc.).  That's not to say that everyone with a Google Voice number is illegitimate or a scammer.  I mean, I use Google Voice.


A few hours later, I get an email from another scammer.  This one goes by the name of "thomas stone" -  He writes:

are u still selling this? if yes,drop in your mobile number so i can send you a text and if not reply back

I know it's a scam, but interested to see where this would go, I send him an email back with my mobile number.  He texts me from 765-335-5668 with the following message:

is your    (COPY AND PASTED TITLE FROM CRAIGSLIST) still up for sale?

I reply back with some expletives.

Basically, this shows us that they're using the same scam they've been pulling through email, but now they've learned to use text messaging through Google Voice.  Hooray!  /s

I hope this helps others from getting conned.  If you find any other phone numbers being used by these fools, please feel free to include them in the comments.

Lastly, wishing readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you all have a wonderful day with friends and family.  If someone asks you to ship a part of your turkey because they are currently a doctor on business in West Africa, I highly suggest you don't.  ;)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Someone left a comment letting me know that this blog actually helped him/her out because he was skeptical about a buyer. Hooray!! I think that's encouragement enough to keep this blog going. (I know, it doesn't take much...)

It appears the weekend is a busy time for scammers. Not sure why. Here are the fake buyers I received emails from:

"mark zack" -
"Jim Clancy" -
ысщь -
"Fred" -
"Vernie Landers" -
"Milner scoot" -
"Moore Bullen" -
"thomas stone" -
"Raymond Scott" -

Today's tip: a lot of these scammers are foreigners and you'll notice that their English is just a bit off.  If you are suspicious, take extra precaution by emailing back and forth a few times.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Have you noticed...

Have you noticed the tendency of these scammers having super American sounding names?
If it's too American, it always strikes a red flag for me.

"Alice Taylor" -
"Andry Cassandra" -
"john joy" -
"ryan reed" -
"Jane" -"
Jennifer Mary" -
"cheryl yong" -
"Hi" -
"akos ayu" -
"Messela Williams" -

#craigslistscams #morons

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here we go...

In my pursuit to sell things on Craigslist, I've come across an overwhelming number of scammers.  I've started to collect a list of the email addresses that attempt to scam me and in hopes that it may help others, will be publishing them on this website. Cheers.
"Mark Roberts" -